IGES 406 Support?

I read the OCC 6.2.0 documentation for IGES and it didn't mention support for IGES 406 entities. Is this accurate? Specifically, I need IGES 406 Form 15 and Form 5002.


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Just from looking through the CDL files, it appears that IGES 406 Form 15 is supported (see IGESBasic.cdl). I do not see anything on Form 5002 and cannot find that in the standard. Keep in mind that, according to the documentation, OCC supports IGES 5.3, ANS US PRO/IPO-100-1996. If 5002 is in a later standard, it won't be supported.


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Thanks for the pointer to the code Rob. I guess I'll need to try a small sample app to make sure the IGESBasic_Name is actually translated during read and write.

As it turns out, the Form 5001-9999 are "reserved for implementors". I did a little further investigation and I think I can get the target application to work with only Form 15 entities.