IGES Entity No. 308 : Problem with XDE !

Hello All,

I am relatively new to Opencascade so my apologies to all if this seems to be a trivial problem.

I recently started exploring XDE and tried my hand to read names,colors of entities from an IGES file and display them accordingly on the screen. However everything ran smoothly except when it came while handling IGES entity number 308 (Subfigure Definition Entity). These were the entities in which the name of the root shapes (free shapes) of the model had names assigned to them. (as i found out while going through the IGES file manually).

However when i tried using XDE, it did not return the names of these subfigures. I tried to dig a little deeper and went through the source code for IGESCAFControl_Reader and found that in the IGESCAFControl_Reader::Transfer(doc...) function , the names of an entity are correspondingly written in document if and only if ent->HasName() (ent : entity) returns true.

and to make matters worse, Entity Number 308 has it's name in Parameter Data Section Rather than the Directory Entry Section (example attached Below) according to the IGES 5.3 specification i have.

Parameter Data Section :

308,0,29HMain:Bobbin_Washer:350011::-1,1,685; 93P 58

Directory Entity Section :
308 40 1 0 0 0 0 000010201D 57
308 0 0 1 0 0D 58

This ent->HasNames() always returns false, thus the names are not transfer into the XDE document.

But when i import the IGES into I-DEAS , or Solidworks, these entries are imported nicely into these software packages.

Could anyone shed light on where i am going wrong ? or how could i rectify this error without much effort. ( I hope i have eloquently put forward my problem to the group)

I'm using Opencascade on windows , with QT (thanks to Pete) as the front end.


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could you give me an example how to use qt with XDE to import an IGES and display it (perhaps with color information?) based on Pete's QtOcc?

Thanks a lot.

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Not forgetting that Pete himself might *seriously* be interested in that himself at this moment!


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at the beginning of december '07 you told me that you have a running XDE example (with visualisation/color support from e.g. IGES files). It would be great if you could send me a little example,

Thank you

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How to get the dimensions of entities in imported step file??Is there any function available for that..??I need to convert imported 2D model to 3D model..please help me how to get the dimensions entity or change the dimensions of entity...