IGES-Import with c#


I want to import IGES-Data in an .NET-Enviroment. I only want to use c#, if possible.
Which libraries I have to use?

The sample-project which comes within the standard installation makes use of two c++ projects called occ and shell.

What is an easy way to make the iges-data only with c# usable?
It might be a dream if I could everything in just one class...

Remarks: I ONLY want to load IGES-Data and extract the geometry. Later I want to work with the shapes with use of other graphic libraries.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

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I have a set of C# wrapper class (but not using P/Invoke) which would allow to load in IGES file in .NET using VS 2005.


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Can you share with me the iges format importing, wrappers.

I am developing 3D appln in C# VS2008, using directx.

Thank you.

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did you find a solution for your problem? I'm trying to do the same think in C#.


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Hi Jonathan..

I saw this forum and I do need to integrate iges file to my project in C#. I'm using wpf, but I guess I could use a Winform inside wpf.

Can you please share with me that wrapper or lead me to the right path.. I already have google it and search a lot.. I would really appreciate your help.


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Good morning Jonathan.. Can you point me in the right direcction.. I need to model and maybe edit Iges files in .net.

Can you help me or what I can do.


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Did you were able to get this done..

I have the same problem.


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want to import IGES-Data into a .NET-Enviroment, too.
Has anyone found /or implemented a framework that can do this?

Best regards