IGES IMPORT: missing surfaces

Hi to all,
I have some problem with iges import.
I have missing surface in a model imported with iges interface.
If i import them with other CAD i have no problem.

The code is the following:

TopoDS_Shape rShape;

Standard_CString aFileName = (Standard_CString) filename;
IGESControl_Reader Reader;
int status = Reader.ReadFile( aFileName );

if ( status == IFSelect_RetDone )
rShape = Reader.OneShape();

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it is better to comment in case you can share the IGES file

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Sure :)
here you can find the iges and 2 png file that can help you to see the problem (there is a big "missing" surface importing with OCC:


thank you for your help

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Have you any news for me?


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Hi Davide,
The face exists and I'm able to find it in my tree structure, but...
I don't know why it is not possible to assign color, nor material.
I can also select the strange face in my viewer, but it only shows in wireframe.
If you would like to share/exhange opinion, code, etc (maybe in italian) feel free to write me at marco at benuzzi dot net

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Hi, I have the same problem. Did you resolved it?. Could you give me some suggestions?

Thanks and Best regards!