I am using OCC 5.0 and work with IGES. It is quite fine. My question is, are there new specifics or enhancements that make it impossible to work on with OCC 5.0 ´s IGES capabilities ?
If yes, shall I switch to the newest OCC 5.2 ?
Is there even a newer release which added new features to the IGES exchange format ?

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Who knos the answer ?

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I don't see why you can't continue with 5.0 if it suits your needs. There have been some changes to the IGES interface in 5.0, but you'll have to judge if they are important to you. You can find release notes of all revisions since 5.0 at:


I suggest you look at the Data Exchange section and search for IGES in each one.

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Thanx it really helped !
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