IGES reading problem using OCAF.

Hi All,

I have two APIs to read iges file, one uses IGESControl_Reader, another uses IGESCAFControl_Reader. Today I try to compare the loading results between these two APIs. I find ocaf reading has 636 compound shapes (contain 7098 faces), but another has 318 compound shapes(3549 faces). In fact, for most of my testing iges files, these two APIs have the same results. I load this file to SolidWorks and Hypermesh, both of them have 3549 faces. So it seems as if the OCAF reading has some problem.
Does anyone find the same problem? Any suggestion is welcome.


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Hi Ding,
I would be interested to have a look at it. Could you send me the zipped file (roman dot lygin at gmail dot com) please ?
Thank you,

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Hi Roman,

Thank you so much for your reply. The iges file has been sent to your mailbox. Any suggestion is welcome.


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Thank you so much for your help. That's really my bug. I replace GetShapes by GetFreeShapes in XCAFDoc_ShapeTool and it works well now. Thank you.

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Hi Cauchy Ding,

Can you just giv me idea on how u created API for reading IGES, Even my task is same and i am new to OCC. so Please Help....

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Hi Anup,

I strongly suggest you read several help (.pdf) files firstly. It's really simple and intuitive.
You can also search IGESCAFControl_Reader in this forum. It contains lots of similar codes to describe the IGES reading.