IGES visualization is corrupt


I have got a problem with the visualization of the included iges file
bearing.iges. In some parts of the visualization i can look through the geometry.

This behaviour can be reproduced with the ImportExport sample:

Import the iges file bearing.iges and switch to shading mode.
Now rotate the model and you should see the effect.

First i thought its an graphics card issue but i can reproduce the corruption on a different machine.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thanks in advance

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Now i have tested on a third machine with a Geforce 6600 GT and it works, i.e. i can not see a visual corruption.

The machines that cause corruption contain a Intel 82915G and a Geforce MX440. For both cards the newest drivers have been installed.

I wonder that the MX440 does not work cause of the same driver like the Geforce 6600 GT. So i assume that you are using not OpenGL conformant functions.

- Rene