Hi, All!
I have an IGS file that have only one shape.
I want to get this shape as a TopoDS_Shape.
I use CImportExport::ReadIGS and paint the shape and use some method in help to set this object as a TopoDS_Shape object, But I cant.
Thanks for any help.

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IGESControl_Reader lecteur; // Lecteur du fichier IGES
Standard_Boolean FailsOnly= Standard_False; // Messages and Avertissements
IFSelect_ReturnStatus stat= lecteur.ReadFile(fichier); // Lecture du fichier IGES

if(stat== IFSelect_RetDone) cout<<"Le fichier "<

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Hi jerome dufaure,
Thank you very much for your answer. It helps me a lot.
best regards,
Abdulah Akbari.