I'm an absolute beginner

Hello to the team of Open Cascade.

I just need to get familiar with Open Cascade,
and I have successful installed and can run the
bottle example tutorial.
BUT it is still very complecated to understand the
basics. It is too much overload.

Do you have more basic examples ?
Like the absolutely basics how to draw a quader
or polygone ?
I need alot more basics !

I have alse tried to read your Documentation
but it's not as good as alot Javadoc docus.
I come from the Java corner :-).
You have written very less explanation in that docu
about the use and parameters.

Thank You for your help

Gernot Knieling's picture

I have had the same problem...
Try to hack the qt example, it is much more easier to understand. Search for the code to draw something, change it to draw something different and so on.
Read the documentations provided in pdf-files and use the Technical Documentation installed with openCascade 5.2.