implementing opencascade


Excuse me a question, look, i am recompiling the openCASCADE package....
exacly the 'Visualitzation.dsw' package, the libraries TKOpenGL.dll, V3d.dll
V2d.dll and TKService.dll.... and i replace some OpenGL make them
better, you know...But i have an huge problem, is kind a very very hard put
new attributes (variables and export functions) in TKOpenGL and change them
from V3d.... i had to write code in 8 diferent files in a lot of them, write
a lot of functions, new classes... a lot of freaky complex work, only to put
a new boolen atribute in to TKOpenGL and make it configurable from myView->SetMyOpenGLBooleanOn() from my program.exe that uses
opencascede dll's, jejejeje...sounds like funny, but the worst is that it
fatal crashes when loads the dll's..

Do you know any simple way to add new fuctionalities to Opencascade?, than
smashing my brain in the Visual C++ flying over that freecky and complex
source code???

Do I need the CVS is the Concurrent Versions System, or something like that
to work with??

thanks a lot to read me, best regards.

//Marcel Janer

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Hi Marcel,

perhaps you can run your programm in debug mode with the debug version of OCC to see where the crash occurs.

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Hello Stephane,

Thanks for the answer, i would think by your answer that you have undestanded my issue.

So does exist the possibility to add new features into opencascade but doesn't exist a easy or simple way to add them, just backtracking over this complex and huge source code....isn't?

have you tried?, did you get it?

thanks. i will debug to see where is the problem.

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I've got it.