Implicit or Parametric Equations for Surfaces

I wanted to know if there is any class which can be used to define an implicit equation like
x^3 + y^3 + z^4 -10 = 0 ; // this is just an example
and it creates the surface.
After creation of surface, i want to triangulate the surface with Delaunay triangulation, so any hint would be appreciated

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As far as I know, you could do that with parametric equation. Given that you have parametric equation of surface, you could write your own class derived from Geom_Surface and implement its virtual functions like D0, D1,...DN,Continuity etc.

Now, when you assign object of this surface to topology class and you should get triangulation.

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Thanks Ashish for replying.
I did inherit from class Geom_Surface and made the virtual functions for it. So atleast I can made an object of derived class. But didnt know what to put in virtual functions.
I am still a bit confused as to how and where to write the implicit function and how to tell its bound and everything.
Can you kindly explain a bit more.. like for example for the equation of a sphere, ( i know its already implemented but wanted to see if it can be reimplemented so that i can then do it for any surface later).