Import Assembly STEP file

Dear Forum Readers,


I am Import STEP file using OpenCascade 7.0.0 mfcsample.

Import from "File → Import → STEP", the displayed form is incorrect.

Combining parts makes it impossible to correctly import STEP data in the form of an assembly.

Can we not Import assembly files?


Any help would be highly appreciated,



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Dear tks,

Please share with us the step file for analysis.

Best Regards, FSR

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Dear Supervisor,

Upload the file.

Upload the image when it was displayed correctly.

Best Regards,  nmr

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Hello Sir / Madam,

Thank you for uploading your file.

We analyzed it and found out that this file is not conformant to STEP standard - and this is the reason why OCCT STEP interface (well, as several other we tested) can't read it properly.

Namely, your file is written using STEP AP 203 format, but it does not contain properly defined assembly structure.

We have sent a personal message to you with some more details.

Best regards,

Forum supervisor

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This problem was solved thanks to everyone.
Thank you.