import IGES in NETGEN

Hi to all.
I installed NETGEN and use Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. I need OpenCascade libraries in order to import IGES geometries, but I'm not so expert of linux to understand how to get it. I have two NETGEN becouse I installed it via PPA CAE Team repository (so it's into /usr/share/netgen folder) and also compiled it (in /opt/netgen). If I'm correct, I must install OpenCascade somewhere and 'tell' to NETGEN where it can find OpenCascade libraries, but I don't know how to do that. I'm a linux beginner, I've been using Ubuntu since March. Please, can anoyone help me? Thanks.

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NETGEN installed via PPA CAE Team doesn't need OpenCascade geometry kernel, I can import IGES geometry.