Import problem

Hi all
I use visual stdio 2003 with open CASCADE 5.24 ,and i
have a import problem ,when running the OCC sample
ImportExport ,the error will happen when i import the
"CSFDB",and the error message is point to xstring,the
other import is no problem, Has someone met this

Any suggest is welcome


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one possibility for these error messages is mixing debug and release libraries...



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Hi Patrik:
Thanks for your advise , i am try to find this possibility , and i
find the article write the method to solve mixing debug and release
libraries , that is change

project menu -> c/c++ tab -> code generation -> runtime library
and select Multi - threaded Debug DLL .

I try to change this list , but the result is not change.

Please tell me ,is that method the same with your suggest ?
or the method is another one .

Thanks very much !

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Hi Quenton,

that was not the right setting:

if you install OCC you normally just install release versions for the libs and the dlls. If you want to use debug versions you have to build them by yourself.
Apart from that the environment variables are also set just for the release files.
So if you compile a program in debug mode you always link it to the release versions. This can produce trouble...



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Hi Patrik

Thanks for your advise again! i am try to build release versions and debug version,and it's build ok ,but when i running , import CSFDB problem is still exist.

I try to execute the ImportExport.EXE already in the samples->standard->mfc->release,and it's import CSFDB ok.

I am confuse it is possible the visual stdio version problem ? or other problem ?

Best Regards