Important: BSplineCurves, Surfaces and Arcs

Hi all again !

1. Does anyone know an excellent way to calculate the arc-length of a BSplineCurve and of a part of a BSplineCurve ?

2.How can one connect a dynamic number of BSplineCurves to one (let us say) object, that is compatible (inheritance tree) with a TopoDS_Shape object ? Is there something, that could be recommended ?

3. How can one create one (!) complete BSplineSurface out of all that BSplineCurves then ?

Any hints are warmly welcomed !

Come on, I know that there are several guys out there who know the answer !


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Have you a vibration fingers, or broken keybord?
1) Take a look at GeomConvert package (CompCurveToBSpline)
2) Think, and you'll find. (May you need create pipe from sections, or not. Its depends on your way.
To have a topology from geometry (TopoDS_Edge from Geom_Curve) just use BRep_Builder.

RTFM, Wth Bst Rgrds, SandAnar - Druid from CessPit.

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Thank you.

No I do not have vibrating fingers, but it sucks if no one cares on that forum for any question posed. So you have to make people wake up out of their personal small world.

"Think and you will find" -- you know that is really funny, you can think as much as you like, if you do not know it, because either it does not exist within the manuals or in the classbrowser, which is a rather a bad joke, than a classbrowser or anything being worth called that way.

And do not forget, we are not all born with OpenCascade 5 unlike you. Some of us are new and still learn.

Is BRep_BuilderMakeEdge useful, if you want to convert an arbitrary SplineCurve into something compatible with TopoDS_Shape ?
Isn´t it better to use Wires ???