Importing IGES; throwing stack overflow in OCC vs6.3.0

Hello Everybody,
I am trying to load an IGES file. But it is throwing stack overflow in transferroots() function.
While debugging I got that the TransferGeometry() function in file "opencascade6.3.0\ros\src\igestobrep\igestobrep_curveandsurface.cxx" which is a recursive function is failing.
If anybody encountered the same and resolved it, Please help me to fix it.
Thanks in Advance,

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Hi Avijit,

This must be a problem of your specific IGES file. For instance, it can be a self-nested IGES group (i.e. it refers to itself as its own child element) which is totally wrong.
I'm interested in collecting 3D models in various formats, so you might want to send your file to me for a deeper check.

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