Improving Users Forum

I just want to suggest some way to improve this forum.
this forum has very limited functions.

1. support modify, and delete.
2. support attatching of pictures and files.
3. imporve the search function.

These things will help much to the OCC users and to improving OCC.


m-aronsson's picture

Hi !

I now it would be nice, but I guess they have a reason for it, the moment you allow attachments you will sure as #%&& the viruses comming to pretty soon so I can understand it.

The problem with pictures is that some people don't understand what happens when you send a 1MB TIFF file to forum and 100 people with modem connections have to download that picture to.

So I can understand why you can't do it, but it sure would be nice if the above problems could be taken care of, one thing is the set the a max size of a message to a few KB maybe.