Include file generation

Hi everybody,

is there any way to generate all include files (ixx, jxx, Handle_*.hxx) in one pass with an external command easy to invoke? This command could take a single .cdl file, .cld file list or simply a directory.

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Do you know the WOK environment ?

It is possible to generate all include files for a package by umake or for a workshop by wprocess



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Thanks for your answer.

Yes I know the WOK but I would like to generate automatically from some directories all header files without any prior Wok configuration. Is this possible? IMore I do not find any documentation to know what the WOK needs to work (to have sucessfull umake or wprocess command).

I would like to do something like that :
- run a command : woktcl script.tcl in some header that contains .cdl files
- and in the tcl script :
// make the workbench and ud
wcreate workbench
wokcd workbench
ucreate udName
ucd udName
umake -f -e xcpp.header
What are the requirements to do that?
- goal : /drv and /inc directories contain the header files.

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I do not understand exactly what you want.

Here an example of a file I am using to build automatically an application with OCC62 :
wokcd OS:OCC62
wokcd refw2005
ucreate -p Clearance
ucreate -p MathTools
ucreate -p MecanismeIppopXDE
ucreate -p Specification
ucreate -p DDesign
ucreate -p DesignDS
ucreate -p DesignOP
ucreate -p CompStdRoulement
ucreate -t TKToolsLMP
ucreate -t TKViewerLmpIppopXDE
ucreate -t TKCompStdRoulement
ucreate -t TKDesign
ucreate -x ExpTolerancement
ucreate -x Impact
wprocess -f -DGroups=Src,Xcpp,SchXcpp refw2005
wprocess -f -DGroups=Obj,Dep,Lib,Exec,Deliv refw2005

This kind of file is very useful.

I never try to change the WOK structure i.e. src, inc, drv, etc.
But I think it is possible.