include files by wok

Hi all,

I use wok for code generation. In the cxx.templates
the include files have the ending .ixx whereas the actual headers generated by wok have the ending .hxx. Can someone enlight me why this happens.


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As you said, the hxx,ixx,jxx files are generated by wok.
in the hxx, you have your class definition.
If you are using a Handle_Package_Class in your class ( as field for example ), you only need to include Handle_Package_Class.hxx
But in your code, you will need to use the Package_Class object. So the include Package_Object.hxx is automatically included in the .jxx
The file .ixx contains the Handle definitions ( like DownCast, Standarrd_Type, etc.. )

Have a look in the distribution at <>\drv\AIS\AIS_Shape.ixx and <>\drv\AIS\AIS_Shape.jxx


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Thank you. I'm enlightened.

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