Inconsistent definition of _OCC64 on Linux/AMD64


After compiling OCC on Linux/AMD64 (specifically, Debian unstable using my packages), UndefinedHandleAddress is defined as its 64-bit version in the libraries. Unfortunately, Standard_Macro.hxx does not define it while compiling a new binary, so there is an inconsistent UndefinedHandleAddress due presumably to the inconsistent definition of _OCC64.

This results in a crash for FreeCAD. Details at:

The _OCC64 macro should really be defined in config.h by configure using a sizeof(long) or sizeof(void *) test.

Until this is resolved upstream, I think the best workaround is to disable the 64-bit version of UndefinedHandleAddress. I'm planning to do this for the Debian packages, unless someone offers a better idea...

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Denis Barbier wrote a patch to fix this problem, so _OCC64 is defined in Standard_Macro.hxx (by the configure script if appropriate). I added a couple of bits to make sure UndefinedHandleAddress is defined consistently throughout the libs. Now external apps do not need to set this, just #include

The patch is at

NOTE: it conflicts with Jason Kraftcheck's occ6.2.patch -- you need to delete the first bit of his patch in order to use them together.