Initialization problems with Graphic3d_WNTGraphicD

Hello, I am trying to run the SampleAISBasic sample program on WinNT 4.0 SP6. Compilation and linking worked fine, but when I run the program a dialog informs me of a "Fatal Error During Graphic Initialisation" coming from Graphic3d_WNTGraphicDevice function. The VC++ 6.0 debugger tells that the error occurred in TKV3D.DLL, and I think it is right, but I cannot imagine why. All 2d samples work fine, while all 3d sample programs give the same runtime error. Any suggestion?

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1) Check your environment variable : especially CSF_GRAPHICSHR CSF_GRAPHIC3DLIB

One page is avalaible on FAQS at

2) Does your Graphic Card supports OpenGL

3) Change resolution or/and number of colors

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Thank You, Philippe, this is just the advice I was looking for. After broadcasting my S.O.S., I focused the problem by myself: not all the environment variables I needed were correctly set, in particular CSF_GRAPHICSHR, CSF_UnitsDefinition and CSF_UnitsLexicon. The solution: referring to FAQ "Required environment variables", I have set them as suggested and everything started to work fine on WinNT and also on Windows 2000 Pro, where I am currently working on. Even without setting CSF_GRAPHIC3DLIB, the samples seem to work as well, but I did not tried all the stuff. Thanks again, I hope I can be of any help for you in the future.

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The faq about environment variables does not tell about CSF_GRAPHIC3DLIB. to what value should i set it?

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CSF_GRAPHIC3DLIB is not mandatory. Martine