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i'm very new to open cascade, only reading first tutorials at the moment. i just wanted to know is there any functionality in OOC to make script input at runtime, i.e. i enter some command, it is interpreted and executed. it will be a nessesary for me in the future. i'd very glad if someone will point me in the right direction, because the library is just huge!

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There is a scripted program already provided by OCC using Tcl. It is called the Test Harness, and its executable name is DRAWEXE. I am not aware of how easy it would be to use it in another program, but it can be considered a starting point. You may also want to check pythonOCC. No idea about ease of integration either.

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Thanks Paul ;')

The cool thing about pythonOCC is that you can write interpreted code, but the objects & method calls you use are very similar to the C++ api.
The reason for that this way the documentation & this forum directly translates to pythonOCC.
Right now we're working on a high level API ( condensing the OCC API in a buch of useful classes ), which will become a pythonic API.



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thanx for the info, i'll look into pythonOCC then!

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Hi devast,

if you're familiar with C#/VB.NET you could also have a look at Total Engineer:


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yeah, im familiar with .net platform more then with any other :) thanks for the link.