Install instruction

Hi guys

Can anyone provide a step by step OCC install instruction for Linux?
and after installed, show a very simple example of how to build a simple project.

Is this possible?


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...the first step:)

I think, that the problem to set up OC5.2 enviroment to use it with 3rdparty libraries included in it among others comes from hmm... some syntax errors in env.ksh (../OpenCASCADE5.2/ros/...)

1. in env.ksh if you use bash or in env.csh for sh shell you need relace OS_NAME

2. in env.ksh there is a lack of '=' to properly assign LD_LIBRARY_PATH
in line 11 and 12:

export PATH
if [ -z "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" ];
then LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$CASROOT/../3rdparty/$OS_NAME/TclTk/lib:$CASROOT/$OS_NAME/lib;

to set env variable run:
bash --rcfile env.ksh

3. to use '3rdparty' libraries included to the OC package it is needed to make some symlinks in ../OpenCASCADE5.2/3rdparty/Linux/TclTk/lib/

ln -s
ln -s

it is required to run 'DRAWEXE' or another TclTk based apps compiled oryginally in OC package.

4. to use qt library form '3rdparty' directory in samples and tutor you have to set properly
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I have done this by adding it to env.ksh file:

if [ -z "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" ];
then LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$CASROOT/../3rdparaty/$OS_NAME/TclTk/lib:$CASROOT/$OS_NAME/lib:$CASROOT/../3rdparty/$OS_NAME/Qt;

you have to set it by (if required in new xterm window):
bash --rcfile env.ksh

5. to run java samles with java included ind the 3rdparty directory you have to make symlink in ../OpenCASCADE5.2/3rdparty/Linux/

ln -s Java java

on my debian sid, everything works fine.

it does not help you to compile anything (header files arent included in 3rdparty), but should show that it works.

good luck:)


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Hi Niar,

Thank you for answered my question

Sorry that I did not stated my question clearly. What I wanted to ask was that if there are anyone have written a little occ program using qt under linux environment. if so, could they share how did they do it.