Install OCC 5.1 with BASH shell

Hi, I can install OpenCascade 5.1 on my Linux desktop (Slackware 9.1). I`m using BASH shell, but the file I downloaded is for CSH shell ... When I change the shell from BASH to CSH via chsh command and run the install.csh script, it ends with message "Bad interpreter or no such file or directory". Can anybody help me please ;-D? I didn`t search this forum - if the answer exists, can you write the link to ... Thanks ...

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csh ./install.csh ?

I get distributive for linux just. Planning try to install in few days.

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OK, I had finally run the install.csh script succesfully, but now I have another problem - installer writes me that the Installation was succesfull into selected dircetory, but when I look into that directory, it is full of empty directories ... Does anybody have any ideas what is the reason of it ;-D? Thanks ...