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Hi all

I have a couple of questions here. Does OpenCascade provide any tools for interactive drawing and editting of shapes? If so, how is this done? The other question is; how can I change the properties of a TopoDS_Shape? Example: I create a solid sphere, using BRep_MakeSphere. After it has been created, how can I change the radius of the sphere, for example? I mean, how can I reach the underlying geometry?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Regards: Vladimir

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Hello Vladimir!

You can't change the radius of existing sphere because TopoDS_Shape consists not only the geometry but also boundary topology (vertices, edges, faces). And if you will change geometry you will need to update all sub-shapes.

By the way, if you want to have access to underlying geometry you can use classes from package BRepAdaptor. For example, BRepAdaptor_Surface dedicated to mapping between face and its surface. These classes have many auxiliary methods (computing derivatives, etc.).

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