interpolation curve on surface

Hi all,
someone can give me a suggestion.

Given a BSplineSurface and an ordered set of points on that surface, how can I obtain a Curve which interpolate all the points and lies on the surface?

Thanks for any suggestion

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If some points are not on the surface, I can't not do it directly. I have to change a little.
For a given point (x,y,z), find a nearest point on the suface and get its (U,V).
With all the (U,V) you get, you make a Geom2d_Curve. And then make an edge with edge=BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(...);and finally get the curve with BRepLib::BuildCurve3d(edge);

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Are you sure that the new curve lies on the original surface?
I need a curve for which the intersection between the curve and the original surface give me exactly the curve

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