Intersection between two 3D Curves.


We are developing CAD/CAM software on top of opencascade, using Java 2.

Our basic entities ( line, arc, circle etc...) are 3D entities from opencascade libraries. Now we need to calculate/find out the intersection between two 3D curves. We could not locate any libraries or classes which will do this work, however we could able to find the 2D intersect between two 2D Curves.

We are stranded, Please let us know what we can do & how to proceeed.

regards, Mahesh

Igor Feoktistov's picture

Hi, Mahesh

for 3D intersection you can use class GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveCurve. But if your 3D curves really lie on the same plane, it is better to convert them in 2D curves (by GeomAPI::To2d(...), for example) and use 2D intersector.

Best regards, Igor

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One can also use ExtCC from BRepExtrema, if you work on Topology.

Regards, Michael