Intersection between two faces


Hello everyone,

I am trying to find whether there was an intersection between two faces. I need the result True or false. For this intersection, I used GeomAP_IntSS for finding the intersection.

But the problem is, even two faces doesnot intersect each other, it returns  True.

Can anyone help me why is this happening?

Thnak you 


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Dear Akhilesh,

You can use GeomInt_IntSS class for intersection of surfaces (like it is implemented in “intersect” Draw command) or IntTools_FaceFace for intersection of faces (like in “bopcurves” Draw command). Both commands return the result of intersection (not only True/False) if it has been found.

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Thank you for the reply

I imported a STEP file in pythonocc. In that file, I would like to know whether two faces of two different parts lie one on another. How can I check whether the two faces touch each other?