Intersection failed between edge(line) and face(cylinder) using BRepExtrema_ExtCF

Hi All,

I use BRepExtrema_ExtCF to get the intersection points between edge and face, currently edge is a line segment, face is a cylinder, however this API failed to get the intersection points. Can I use any other robust API to get the intersection between edge and face? Any suggestion is welcome. If you need test file, I can send this .step file to your mailbox.
Thanks in advance.

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I tried several intersection samples between line and cylinder/cone, BRepExtrema_ExtCF cann't work well. I traced the code, and I don't think this API is suit for intersection between line(edge) and cylinder/cone(face). Currently, I have to use GeomAPI_IntCS, and judge whether the intersecting parameter is on the edge and face. In face, before using GeomAPI_IntCS, I try another API IntTools_EdgeFace with default tolerance, however it doesn't work also. I am really confused that does OCC support edge/face intersection directly? If it does, which is it?

Thanks in advanced.