I have a STEP file in which one of the solids has been suppressed with the following line:


If I open the file in eDrawings the solid in question is indeed invisible. If I delete the above line, eDrawings displays the solid.

In my own code, I read the model using STEPControl_Reader::ReadFile and OneShape, and traverse it with TopExp_Explorer to add the faces to my own Ogre3D-based rendering using BRep_Tool::Triangulation to get the mesh for each face.

This method does not, however, exclude the solid marked as invisible in the STEP file.

My question is, how do I recognize the fact that a TopoDS_Shape is marked invisible, so that I can skip rendering it?

Andrew Casson

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Visibility is propagated as visual property (in the same list as colors) - I guess it should end up into XCAFPrs_Style::IsVisible() property in case of XCAF document. So, you'll need to parse through visualization attributes to retrieve this information.

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Thanks, Kirill. I've no experience with the visualization attributes but will give it a go.

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Check QuaoarsWorkshop on Youtube, helped me understand the most of it!