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I am using OpenCascade with VisualC++6.0 on Windows NT 4.0 system. My code intensively uses C++ Standard Library (vector, map, string,...). The problem is that using C++ Std Lib implies using new iostream which are incompatible with old iostream. Unfortunatly, OpenCascade uses old iostream.

Did you experienced that problem? How did you solved it?

Thanks in advance.

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Would namespaces be any help? Also are you using the STL that comes with VC6? I personally use Borland but people I know say that the VC6 STL is crappy. Have you considered using STLPort, - I use it with Borland BCB4 and it is brilliant. Very platform independent, and in your case, it has new streams which are in the STLPORT namespace. Hence let OpenCascade use old streams and then using namespaces bring in the STL Port streams as required.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Lowe

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Do you have any 'using namespace std' statments in your header files - remove them.

VC puts all that STL-stuff in the namespace std. So if you attach the 'std' namespace' to global namespace you get all these troubles...

happy debuging