ISO Curve Bug

I am using OCC 6.1, I generated the UIso and VIso lines according to the surface Bounds(U1,U2,V1,V2) of a Geom_Surface.

It seems that the most generated iso curves are ok but it's clear that a few of them are not inside the surface. I think this is a bug; Is there anyone who knows a solution?

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Are your surfaces trimmed?
Extracting an iso line will be over the extend of the (untrimmed) surface

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It's a surface just generated from some points.

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You don't want the bounds of the Geom_Surface, but those from the topological representation:
BRepTools::UVBounds(const TopoDS_Face &F, Standard_Real &UMin, Standard_Real &UMax, Standard_Real &VMin, Standard_Real &VMax).