Issue with BRepAlgoAPI_Section

Hello again,

I am having an issue slicing an IGES-imported model using BRepAlgoAPI_Section. Original.jpeg displays the original model, and sliced.jpeg shows the result of the slicing (in red).
As issue.jpeg shows, there are imcomplete slices present. Those are a few, and happen only on the blades (both of them).
To slice the models I'm using a gp_Pln that gets translated or rotated as needed.
Any thoughts as to why this is happening? I appreciate any clue. I'm using Win 8.1, Visual Studio 13 Express for Win Desktop, and OCCT 6.8.0.

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Rodrigo,

I'm facing to the same problem. Did you find a solution to this BRepAlgoAPI_Section issue ?

I know that it makes 3 years that you had the problem but maybe you can help me.