Issues with restricted access


just a suggestion: There are a lot of issues (e.g. #23389) having restricted access (accessible only by OCCT members). I think it would still be good to make them visible for all on the issue list in Mantis - this gives a better overview on the current work / roadmap even if the details are not accessible.

Further, if possible I would opt for making all the issues viewable by everyone and restrict the access to customer / sensitive data (if existing) only. The reason is that as external developer I might still want to give feedback on the issue (like the problem with #23272 - by the way, why is this issue actually marked as restricted? Was this intended? It seems rather to be related to the tests and not to a customer issue??)


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Hello Pawel,

The access to issues in OCCT Mantis bug tracker is restricted for the issues that originate from our customers and thus can potentially contain sensitive information. By default these issues are available only to the people who are directly involved in their treatment (not even to all OCC developers). We can open these issues for community only if the customer explicitly permits that. This is general principle aimed to protect confidentiality of our customers and we cannot break it.

Existing lists provided by Mantis show project names and for this reason we cannot make these lists public, even if the issues themselves are protected.

Note that complete list of issues fixed in each OCCT release is given in Release Notes; also in GitWeb you can see id and subject of the relevant issue for each commit to master branch, and for each testing branch (CR*). In my opinion, this should be pretty sufficient to get an idea of what changes have been made or are being made in OCCT.

For sure, by no means all the issues registered in restricted projects contain some kind of sensitive information. Thus some of them can be opened. We have no possibility to analyze all the issues for this subject, but can do this on a case-by-case basis. Yesterday we have checked the issues that you have pointed out and a few similar ones, and identified 16 issues that have been put in restricted project without a good reason. Now these issues are moved to 'Open CASCADE' project and thus are visible to community.

Should you have any feedback on want to discuss some change in OCCT, you are always welcome to do that using this forum.


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Hello Andrey,

thanks for clarifying and your continuous support!

Yes, it was weird to me that some issues were not accessible although they did not seem to contain any customer related issues. I'm glad this could be solved!

I can understand your reasons concerning the confidentiality of customer data and don't insist on opening those (that was just a suggestion). You're right: one can still check on GitWeb or directly in the repository if he/she is interested in a specific issue.