Is it possible to create interactive an BSpline-Curve by adding ControlPoints at runtime


I want to know if is possible to create an Bspline-curve or something else at runtime. Just add Controlpoints and then select to needed curve like BSpline. (OCC 5.2.4) ?

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Hello Ulhak,

I don't know how you work interactivly with Open Casdcade, but I let the user click into a windows form and use GeomAPI_Interpolate with these points to create a BSpline.


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Hello Gerhard,

thank you for your answer. Yes, what i meant was just like that what you did. I thought if it possible to convert on the 3dViewer mouse clicks as control points and than choose from a windows form the desired Curve to create. Can you sent me your example how you did with the windows form, cause thats my next problem. I try to code an MFC program... I would be VERY obliged if you sent me your Mail-adress:

with best regards