is it possible to use OCAF without AIS?

i want to use OCAF to organize the data, but when come across mass of data the performance of viewer of OCAF seems a little unsatisfactory. so i want to know if there is an relatively simple way to use OCAF except the viewer.
thanks very much.

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OCAF can store data independently of viewing them. And to be more precise: AI* things can be used also without relating with OCAF.
In general I found that occContext.Display(interactive); is the slowest part in general but I don't blame OCC for it, as it should do more operations including triangulation, etc.
In my project I dumped OCAF (for other reasons) but AIS will work really nice independently to the latest detail.

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hello Ciprian Mustiata

thanks for your answer, in my project i really want to use OCAF because im not familar with such things ,if i manage the data myself maybe there will be some problems which i didnt consider. and i decide to use both OCAF and its viewer, the viewer is so nice that it reduced many works for interaction.

thanks very much