Java or C++?

Dear all,
I need a simple advice.
In the past I have developed a considerable Java-Application that deals with IGES files and a lot of geometric calculations. Now I have to use OpenCascade. I'm not very familiar with C++ and I expect that I have to use some of the more special and complicated funktions of OpenCascade.
Should I move with my application to C++ or should I try to further use Java? What will be easier and faster to realize?

Thanks for any hints!
Gernot Knieling

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Hi Gernot,

if you look at the java samples its apparent that you have to write the Jni files to access everything you need in OpenCascade yourself. That means you have to write C++ if you want it or not and Java adds a new layer of complication. I had exactly the same problem and decided pure C++ for now (with Qt) because it makes debugging easier and later if I have to integrate it into a Java application I will just wrap my funcional code and wite a Java GUI.


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Hi Gernot,

You may give a try to jcae on sourceforge. I discovered it when googling for "java opencascade". It seems to have its own binding to java that it use for meshing.
It is also used through netbeans from SUN which gives a nice GUI.

This may be an alternative to the OpenCascade binding.