Java samples code in OCC 6.2.0 - Runtime error after compilation


The source code given for Java samples was compiled on WIndows.
It is observed that the 'native' method declarations in
the Java implementation source files does not take care of
new arguments added in the C++ implementation.

There is SIGNATURE mismatch.
The samples folder structure is OCCInstallation/samples/standard/java
For eg.

Class : CASCADESamplesJni_V3d_View

Method name is : native public final void TriedronDisplay(short APosition,short AColor,double AScale) --->> This has 3 arguments

Header file signature: JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_CASCADESamplesJni_V3d_1View_TriedronDisplay (JNIEnv *, jobject, jshort, jshort, jdouble, jshort); -------> This has 4 arguments

Another method 'Reset' in the same class has a new argument in C++ code
but not in Java native method.

How this is possible ?