java wrapper - grey rect when container hierarchy changed

Hi, one of our customers is trying to display 3d with opencascade using our java docking framework ( which supports heavyweight (3d) canvases.

We have found a problem which looks a bit like this old one :

problem : when a 3d canvas changes of state (e.g. docked to maximized) its containment hierarchy changes (it's attached to a new parent container). And then : the grey rect (related to an error with wglMakeCurrent), as if the parent window was not reachable anymore.

Problem does not occur when moving/resizing the canvas, only related to the containment hierarchy.

If anyone has ever encountered such an error, help would be appreciated (it might also be an error on our side : a missing validate() somewhere ?)

anyhow, many thanks for reading.

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Ok, cause of the problem found (a missing processing of addNotify()/removeNotify() in customer's code).

For those interested in using multiple java canvases in a single JFrame : more info on our open-cascade compatible docking framework here :