Java Wrapping: no WOKStep_JLibAdd

I'm trying to wrap some interfaces in Java using WOK, however I get the following warning during the compiling and linking phases:

Warning : Could not find file associated with trigger step WOKStep_JLibAdd
Warning : Nothing done

Sure enough, there is no WOKStep_JLibAdd.cdl file in the WOKStep package.

This doesn't seem to effect the success of the compilation stage, but the linking stage fails with the following message:

=====> Jni2:exec.tks

Error : Failed during execution
Info : Step exec.tks
Error : Step exec.tks failed
Error : Step not done : almost Jni2:exec.tks failed
Error : Step exec.rename not done : almost failed
Info : ------------------ Process report ------------------
Info : Failed Jni2 (exec.tks exec.rename )
Info : ----------------------------------------------------

Could the missing WOKStep files be causing this, or is there something else? I also appear to be missing the "tkx83.lib" file specified for the CSF_TclTlxLibs property in the CSF.edl file. I included a copy I've downloaded, but that has made no difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Stephen,

IIRC, WOK User's Guide supplied in 5.2 should contain instructions and examples how to wrap in Java.
You may drive your tests from it, hopefully.

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I had the same error message when I tried to create my jni with wok.
I think this can be an error caused by same problem in the wok configuration file CSF.edl. I tried also to change this file to use open source compilers under windows (not visual studio 6: this is not open source).
It is something strange that OCC for windows is dependent on a commercial compiler suite: does anyone knows how to use other compilers ?
Now I'm thinking to make my wrappers using swig: if this will not work
I think to change from java to tcl/tk.



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jCAE ( provides some Java wraping for OCC , it is restricted but may be sufficient for your need.