java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getGraphicsConfigurat

Hi there,

Could someone be so kind to help me getting OpenCascade 3.1 running on my Linux box (RedHat 6.2, Kernel 2.2.12). I am kind of locked - spent so much time already (don;t want to give up) but yet only the ShapeViewer and SampleOCAF start up.

When I try to launch TOPOLOGY or VIEWER, only an empty X-Window pops up (with title 'Draw') and the shell command prompt switches to '%' not the expected 'Draw[..]>'. Some draw commands seem to be recognised (no error message), but NOT av2d (response: invalid command name "av2d") in order to create a view as explained in the tutorial example.

When I start the .../Samples/java/runme.csh the progress bar reaches 100%, but nothing more happens afterwards. I only get the error message java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getGraphicsConfiguration

I installed the binary version 3.1 and also compiled the source code. In both cases the problem is the same.

I am using: SUN's Java SDK version1.3 MESA version 3.4-7.1 Linux Kernel 2.2.12-20 tcl-8.0.5, tk-8.0.5

Can anyone help me to get OpenCascade running?


BELOW is a screen dump when I start VIEWER or TOPOLOGY: ------------------------------------


-- -- -- Open CASCADE 3.1 -- -- -- VIEWER Test Harness -- -- There is an available demo script . -- To Run it , do -- -- source demo.tcl -- -- in the Command Window -- -- -- -- Parameters :

Running demo using :

LD_LIBRARY_PATH : /usr/local2//CAS3.1/Linux/lib:/usr/X11R6/lib:/usr/local/corel/linux_i386:/usr/local/corel/linux_i386:/usr/local/corel/linux_i386::/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Linux/lib:/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Samples/java:/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Linux/lib:/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Samples/java:/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Linux/lib:/usr/local2/CAS3.1/Samples/java://usr/lib CASROOT : /usr/local2//CAS3.1 DRAWHOME : /home/aron/proj/cad DRAWDEFAULT : /home/aron/proj/cad/default CSF_GraphicShr : /usr/local2/CAS3.1/ShapeViewer/OL/

couldn't read file "/home/aron/proj/cad/default": no such file or directory % %

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The 2 variable DRAWHOME and DRAWDEFAULT are not correcly setted . Please unset them , they are now not mandatory .

If you want to set them , please set them as : setenv DRAWHOME ${CASROOT}/src/DrawResources setenv DRAWDEFAULT ${DRAWHOME}/DrawDefault