July 2010 Status of C# Wrapper Capabilities?

I will embark on a new initiative this week to learn how to write something in Microsoft C++. Perhaps I can do it.

But what I really would like is success with a C# Wrapper library. All I initally need to do is to interpret IGES files to obtain some geometric data from them.

The wrappers included with the 6.3 distribution do not include the IGES modules. I was able to get these wrappers to work. And I was able to run the wrapper generator to incorporate some new modules. But I have been unsuccessful getting the IGES modules included.

The wrappers championed by Gerhard Hofmann do include the IGES modules. But the OCasToDotNet.dll C++ module utilized by the managed OpenCascade6.2.dll module will not load. Claims HRESULT: 0x8007007F - DLLNotFound, but I believe there are missing dependencies. Or, perhaps they do not work on Vista 64 (does anything?).

C# wrappers seem like a good choice for those of us that havvent written in "C" for 20 years. But most of the discussion here is 2006. 2007. What is the state of Open Cascade C# Wrappers in 2010?

PS: I have seen lots of nice articles attempting to explain C#/C++ Interop. But they are all a bit theoretical in nature.



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Hello Keith,

Theoretically NaroCAD have some wrappers but they are not high quality wrappers (some bugs are lurking here and there, the biggest one is the memory leaks). The good part is that the entire "wrapping infrastructure" is there, so you can add (easily!?) your extra packages that may not be wrapped to this wrapper and use this. Anyway, being said that, the project uses a minimalistic wrapper that uses only the packages (and a bit more) of what the project really need. This means that you still have to add your needed packages and eventually to recompile the wrapper to add your last missing links to make your app to be written in C#.

Hope it helps,

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OpenCascade company provides a C#-wrapper based on the wrapper generator SWIG as an Advanced Sample. It works well, but you have to pay for it.

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Do you know how much is it? and how to order it? Thanks.

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