Just an idea...


Please correct me if I'm wrong! V3d_View as basically two methods to convert mouse input into 3d Points: "ConvertToGrid" and "Convert".

ConvertToGrid converts to points in the Grid (if Grid is disabled it calls Convert) and Convert gets points in the Reference Frame.

Is this right?

Is there a way to convert to grid plane without snapping to grid points?

I guess the grid structure is automatically created so imagine working in a 500 x 500 model with a 0.1 spacing (this is usual if you're working in housing projects)

I think (as a CAD software user) that the grid should only be used as a major reference and the snapping should be independent.

In architectural drawing for example the best choice would be something like a 1-meter grid snap, eventually with 10-meter marks and a 0.1 snap.

Most of my drawings are made without any snap because I normally use "Object Snaps" like endpoint, midpoint, center etc.

Actually I've implemented this by finding the grid plane point myself but I think it would be nice if this method were implemented in the V3d_view class.

What do you think?