library dependency order

I have been using OpenCASCADE for a couple of years now and am having trouble finding a piece of information. I want to see an ordered list of all opencascade libraries so that the 'top' level libraries are first and the lowest level libraries are last. This is the list I would need to give to the linker (GNU ld for instance) to resolve all OpenCASCADE symbols with one pass of the static linker.

this order doesn't seem to be as critical when using dynamic libraries on linux, so I have been able to get by until now by making good guesses about the order of dependencies between libraries. But it would be much easier if I could just refer to a list. I have to think such a list exists but I am not sure where to look.

If there isn't formal documentation about the inter-library dependencies, can I get this list from the DIST_SUBDIRS list in ros/adm/make/Makefile?

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Have you managed to solve the order of linking libraries (static)?