I have some questions regarding the OCC license. First it's not clear for me if I can use OCC for commercial application. Under commercial application I mean a complete software which I can distribute for money, with or without including the source code of the application. In the previous mail you said that I must include the Public License in the software distribution. The only problem is that in the Public License there is a paragraph saying that I cant use the content of that file for any purpose. Another question is with regard to the Triangle (triangulation algorithm). I understand from the OCC help that Triangle has a separate license (copyright) which belongs to the author (Jonathan Richard Shewchuck). The main problem is that I can't figure out where this algorithm is used in the source code of OCC and finally, how do I know if I use triangle or not in my code. I know that this was a stupid question but I want to make shore that I don't make any mistake using correctly OCC. After all there a severe laws around the world...


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Hello Andras,

Yes, you may use OCC for commercial purposes and we have a lot of users and clients who do so. The decision to disclose the source code of your application is up to you.
It is true that you must include the Public License into the distribution (see When you mention some obstacle from the license itself that prevents you from doing this you probably refer to a paragraph 3, right ? Then reading carefully we'll see "You may not use ... the Software, or any portion thereof, except as expressly provided under this License." Thus, your distribution of the license will be in direct compliance with it.
Triangle algo is used inside Visualization when generating a triangulation. If you are just using it through OCC then you do not need any specific arrangements.

Hope this all helps.

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