Link error Sample2d_Basic

The precompiled version of 01_1_Sample2d_Basic runs, but when I compile the source code I get this error:

c:\CASKADE\CAS3.0\WINDOWS_NT\LIBD\TKernel.lib : fatal error LNK1106: invalid file or disk full: cannot seek to 0x1ec45b

The error is the same if I try to compile in release mode, but the seek address is different. The file exists and there is space on the drive. I am using Visual C++ 5.0 under WIN98. Any suggestions?

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Hello David,

I had this error when tried to link our libraries built on VC++ 5.0 with OCC ones. Because OCC libraries are built using VC++ 6.0 I suppose it's a VC++ environment (or may be OCC libraries linkage preferences) problem. There are two ways: either to work on VC++ 6.0 or rebuild OCC libraries on VC++ 5.0 from their sources (quite difficult task).

I hope it will help you.