link error with static library linking in Linux


i compiled source code of OCC in unix system.

With --enable-static configure option, not only shared libraries (*.so.0.0.0) but also static libraries ( *.a suffix ) is successfully obtained.

but linking error erupted when i use the libraries.

followings are my command for linking


g++ -static $(DEFINES) -I/home/(include paht) \
-L/home/(library path) \
/(library path)/libBinLPlugin.a \
/(library path)/libBinTObjPlugin.a \
/(library path)/libBinXCAFPlugin.a \
/(library path)/libPTKernel.a \

main.cpp -o test


/tmp/cc9jhThp.o: In function `main':
main.cpp:(.text+0x3fe): undefined reference to `gce_MakePln::gce_MakePln(gp_Pnt const&, gp_Dir const&)'

(errors continue....)


Though i declared all the static libraries, it dosen't seems that libraries are linked.

is there anyone can help me ?

thanks in advance.

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i successfully linked shared libraries. but the static libraries have a problem.

please anyone help me.