link Libraries for AIS

Hi, I trying to link my code with AIS_Trihedron coordinate datum funtionality. I am not sure what libraries I have to link.
I tried to look into ToolKit info and other threads where Rob has listed the libraries for various components:
but couldn't find what I wanted. Could anyone help?


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I don't know if you tried this (excerpted from a thread of this forum, but forgot the URL) :

The best way is concluded in finding the name of the package of each used OCC class (all characters before underscore in the class name) in all files named "PACKAGES" in source directories whose names begin with "TK". The corresponding toolkit library should be included during linking.
Using grep:
grep "gp" $CASROOT/src/TK*/PACKAGES
will give you src/TKMath/PACKAGES, so you should add TKMath.lib

in your case try grep "AIS" $CASROOT/src/TK*/PACKAGES
it should return paths including TKV2d and TKV3d

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Thanks a lot, it was very helpful.