Linking Open cascade to Visual studio

I am a new to open cascade. I tried opening samples from open cascade in visual studio and it is showing

    unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Standard_Transient::IncrementRefCounter(void)const " (?IncrementRefCounter@Standard_Transient@@QBEXXZ)    mfcsample    C:\OpenCASCADE-7.5.0-vc14-64\opencascade-7.5.0\samples\mfc\standard\mfcsample\adm\win\vc10\OCC_StereoConfigDlg.obj    

please help 

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

You have skipped 4983 errors in your log - I believe there are more meaningful messages in log compared to quoted "unresolved external symbol". Most likely you have a misconfigured environment (for instance, you haven't used msvc.bat script to start Visual Studio) and linker is unable to find OCCT libraries.

The following video might be helpful: "Lesson 3: Compile OpenCascade with MFC demos".