Linking prob. on IRIX for .so

I'm trying to compile and link all the components from CAS4.0DVP1 on IRIX 6.5.5 and came across this problem:

All the link files crash because the objectlists are not generated ( or absent from the distribution ). So I can't get any .so file.

Did I miss something or do I have to do it by hand ( I've began to but it's a tricky thing.. ).

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Stephen JANNIN(DRIME)'s picture

The problem is that the .so need too much .o files. You have to modify the number of args that can be passed in argument :

- log in as root, - type 'systune -i' - modify the ncargs value (I increased it from 20480 to 200000). - reboot

This way, you'll get the .so !!!

Stéphen JANNIN